Saturday, 2 August 2008

Swirls for Rainbow Lady's challenge

My first attempt at a challenge


Rainbow Lady said...

Welcome to my challenges Irene and what a lovely way to start. This card is so pretty I love it.
Right type the word 'here'. double click on the title of your card then right click and copy the link at the top of the page. Go back highlight 'here' then paste the link by right clicking again and paste. That should get you where you want to be. Thanks forplaying this week and come back on Thurs for a neww challenge.
Love Cynthia x

Suzanne said...

Wow what a stunning card - well done if this is your first challenge - thanks for sharing your wonderful work

iReneM said...

Thanks Cynthia and Suzanne.
Cynthia, I have tried the 'here' instructions but failed so I must be doing something wrong.
Suzanne, I have tried to thank you on your blog but can't find it. It looks disabled to me!!