Friday, 15 August 2008

Son- in-law's birthday

A quick card for the grandchildren to give to their Dad. The usual A5 size.

My daughter gave me no suggestions so she'll have to settle for this

And this one took me an age!! which is why the other 2 were done in a hurry.
I had nothing in mind when I started it and it sort of evolved. I must confess, this seems to be my method of cardmaking. I am in square mode for this one.
Fortunately I am usually given some notice of orders for cards and therefore have time to shuffle paper and bits around.
These usually come in dribs and drabs anyway.
This must equal my record in cardmaking. THREE in one day - phew.


Beryl (bik59) said...

You certainly have been very busy today, I haven't managed to finish one at all today
Beryl x

Glynis said...

I like your style. I have my son and daughters wedding invitations to make for next yr so I will be a little busy.

iReneM said...

Thanks Beryl, it usually takes me all evening to make just one!!

Hello Glynis
What a lovely surprise to have a visitor from Cyprus. That is a very interesting blog of yours.
We paid our first visit to Cyprus last October and thoroughly enjoyed your lovely island. We hope to go back this year but I can't make up my mind where to go. Paphos is my choice but where to stay is still being decided. I am new to blogging and there may be a way to reply another way than here but I am yet to find how.