Wednesday, 20 August 2008

A bit of fun and one gone wrong

A quick card for a Scottish Rab fan. I hope the tartan BG is the correct one.
For the second card, I was trying to be a smarty pants and do a 'Z'? fold card. I attempted to do an A5 when the instructions were given for A6. Upshot is, I then decided I wanted it to fit a DL envelope so the result is not right but will do.
I will do a proper one when I have more time.


Beryl (bik59) said...

Idon't really know what the Z fold card is, but the card you have done is stunning, I can't see anything wrong with it. My OH is called Rab, by most folk and he is from Glasgow. He can do a fair impression and would love the card, as do I

Ann Whitfield said...

Well, I know what a Z fold is like Irene but I like what you've created just as much - it's a variation and variations stop crafters stagnating...maybe you've just invented a new one!
Both cards are excellent
Ann x

Chrissie said...

Both great cards Irene, and don't you know there are no mistakes in crafting, only happy accidents!

SammieJay said...

Hi there Irene
Thanks so much for visiting me! So here I am popping by and wanting to say how much I love that .... all that jazz card.
I admit to finding the Rab card a bit scary, but that is probably just the way I feel about him and not the format of your card. Sorry.
However, the "I" fold card is fab. Do you realise that you invented the "I" fold. Congratulations -who wants to know about the "Z" fold now??? LOL
I think the colours and the way the ribbon holds it in place are beautiful.

Jak said...

These are great, love the DL fold card.