Sunday, 6 December 2009


One of these years, hopefully before I am too old :-) I will design a card for my daughter to send to her customers that I am happy with.
I began to plan this years card way back in September, in so far as I bought some packs of 5" cards blanks.
As I have about 100 to make I need to keep it as simple as possible and the priority this year was to avoid using my printer ink where possible in order to keep the cost down

I had the brilliant idea that I would stamp the main image and bought this wreath stamp.

That was when the problems started. I confess it was a cheap mounted stamp and it was faulty so I had to peel it off the wood and clean off the spongy back stuff.
When I eventually got a start making the cards (Friday), the only inkpad that would produce a reasonably clean image was my new TH vintage photo distress pad.
In an effort to brighten it up a bit, I gave the image a bit of colour here and there with water colour pencils and my Koi brush, then added a little bit of sparkle to the star and flower centres with Craft Planet glitter glue.
The intention was for it to look sort of wishy washy....well!!! I suceeded a bit too well there :-/

Last night I made 30....and crappy though they are, they've got to do.
Now you know why I am not fond of making Christmas cards

I'll have a rest from these and get a shufty on with the other cards I have to make...just for a nice change (manic laughter)

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Beryl (bik59) said...

You have no need to worry about them Irene, it really is a lovely card and I am sure they will be well received. I laughed when I read your post, but not because of the card. I laughed even more when I got to the end - manic laughter
Beryl x

Chrissie said...

Oh Irene, your card looks lovely, please stop worrying!
You've absolutely achieved the soft water colour look with this, which is what I think is perfect for it.
I can't bear to think of all that manic laughter my dear friend (although I have to admit to having a chuckle and snort lol!)

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Irene, not sure what there is to worry about. I think the card is lovely. It's simple-ish enough to reproduce 100 times - glad I haven't got an order like that - but you can't turn things away like this if you want to buy new goodies. Kym xxx