Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My poor neighbour...

...came round last night around 11.30 in a right state.
Her leg was bleeding and it wouldn't stop.
When I first answered the door I thought she had had a stroke....she was white as a sheet, incoherant and shaky.
Got her sat down and then saw that the bedsock and the teatowel she had wrapped around her leg and her slipper were completely saturated with blood.
I wrapped a dressing gown around her...she was 'freezing' cold...held another teatowel around the bleed, did a 999 and a paramedic arrived in 10 mins.
She had passed out for a time...don't know for how long tho.
Her temperature was about 30 and blood pressure hardly registering but by the time they were ready to get her in the ambulance, about 12.30am she did look a bit better but very confused.
The paramedic had a look in her bathrroom, hall and stairs...and reckoned she'd lost about a litre of blood.
She has been given a couple of units of blood at the hospital and was sent home around lunchtime today.
I've just been round and she is OK and functioning normally...thank goodness!
It sounds dramatic but there was so much blood it looked like a murder scene.
Five hrs cleaning today knackered I'll try to get more the blood out of the carpets tomorrow.
I don't know how she managed to get to was raining but she had been able to put on a coat. She is 78 by the way and very private and independant.... so is pleased to be back home.

So.....I am posting this card made for the partner of my DD's friend last weeek.
It wasn't for a challenge...just thought I'd put it here to cheer up this post

Two CB embossing folders, a handcut no:40 in silver mirri card, a bit of fibre and a scruched flower

Thanks for stopping by and your encouraging comments...see you again soon :-)



Sandra said...

So glad you were able to help your neighbour and that she is well and home again. What a terrible experience for you both. Send her my love.
Great card... just the ticket to cheer up your post.
Sandra x

Beryl (bik59) said...

What an awful thing to have happened Irene, it's so good that she knew to come to you for help. I do hope she improves quickly, I love your card
Beryl x