Monday, 5 July 2010

70th Birthday

For hubby

I had a look around for a sketch to use and found this was just what I wanted at

Inspirational Card Sketches  challenge # 72

7inch Easel card

It is a wonder I finished this today. I had nothing but interruptions from hubby this morning. He was replacing the outside tap and I was up and down a dozen or more times turning the water on and off. - and 'could I fetch this and fetch that'. Then he kept hovering.... looking at what I was doing - on purpose I'm sure, just to wind me up....grrr...I had to suggest he sat out in the garden.
Only got 3 more to make, unless I throttle him first. :-)

BP's - Summer Driggs - Fathers and Fedoras
Nellie frame
4 silver brads

Thank you for stopping by :-)


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kathleen said...

Gorgeous card Irene.

kathleen x