Friday, 5 March 2010

Made by Milly

It looks like I've got serious competition.
I had an unexpected visit from my granddaughter on Wednesday.
She wanted to make a card for one of her friends.
I think she has done real well...she chose everything herself and only had a little bit of help with putting the DST on the edge of the BP.
She used quite a lot of glitter on the two tags, good job I've got a big pot of it.

Didn't she do well :-)



coldwaters2 said...

Gosh Irene she has done fantastic what a great eye for colour she has love that flower and how the tag has been placed

Lorraine x

Doreen said...

She done a fantastic job Irene,Isn't it lovely to share a hobby with a

Janette said...

Irene it looks like your granddaughter is following in your footsteps. What a great card.

Tasha said...

Oh its a lovely card Milly did a fab job! Great colour choices too!
Its great when the kids get involved isnt it.
love tasha xx