Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My Happy Birthday


I had the most wonderful surprise on Saturday evening.  
My DDD, Jo (the extra D stands for devious, LOL) arranged a party for me. I had no idea she was planning this. I was kept totally in the dark. 
We were going out for a meal and she and SIL suggested we pop in to their local pub on the way.
There were banners all over the place with my photo and birthday greetings on and didn't notice any of them.

 I even walked under a banner above the door to what turned out to be a reserved area and only realised what was going on when everyone cheered. It was so lovely to see so many of my family and friends there (over 40) and to say I was overwhelmed is such an understatement!!

I was regretting not organising some celebration myself and was thinking my BIG birthday was going to be a very quiet affair. I got that wrong....it was fabulous.
Jo came down with a stinking cold Sat morning but still managed to see to the final touches.......balloons, pretty table decorations and a gorgeous cake with matching cupcakes for guests.

I've received so many beautiful cards, even more than in the pic below, and lovely presents too. I must say a big thank you to my dear Jo and my family and everyone who made my birthday such a memorable occasion.

I've still got a big smile on my face and will treasure the memories of my best birthday yet."



brenda said...

What a lovely surprise Irene and belated happy birthday.

B x

Chrissie said...

What a wonderful surprise Irene (and what a wonderful daughter too)
I'm so glad you had such a lovely time on your special day and some lasting memories were made.
Happy Birthday sweetie!
Love and hugs Chrissie xx

Sandie said...

What a Fabulous surprise for you Irene...a Belated Happy Birthday from me....xx

You had some gorgeous cards and gifts,not to mention those delicious looking cupcakes.

Hugs Sandie x

ps.just a note to say myself and my bestie have opened our own challenge blog...there will be fortnightly challenge with a prize for the winner each time. Would love to see you there...x