Sunday, 12 February 2012

New Link for Followers


* Edit :See comments below
I jumped the gun regarding this news and obviously didn't read it properly.......can I blame this on old age....please..... hahaha.  
Blogging friends have pointed out  that this is for non Blogger sites.... so if you use Word Press or Typepad you will need to link to the new Linky otherwise all will stay the same....thank goodness :) 
If you are a non Blogger and you would like to sign up, use the new linky on the top left of my blog

Also add it on your own blogs so I can follow you too :)

Thank you  to everyone who is bringing our attention to the fact that  the Google followers gadget will be disappearing soon, which means all our followers will disappear too!

I'm sure we'll all get this sorted, though I guess it may take some time.
Could you all spread the word on your blogs and  hopefully we won't lose too many of our friends along the way!

Thank you   :)



Ann Whitfield said...

I don't think there's anything to worry about Irene, it's only non-blogger blogs that will be affected.
Ann x

Anne said...

Don't think we need to do this Irene, check out my link as I'm reading this as it's only NON blogger people who it's going to affect. Hugs x